Oh Blaze, if I could only feel the magic
Today I found about old but new for me character from SEGA's Sonic universum - Blaze the cat.
Last night I watched mashups for 3 hours straight so I'm in the mood for the retro fantasia or yet another, regular Sonic the Hedgehog fan (me).

Frankly, my attempt to draw her left me in vain. I am not used to 3-3½ characters and furry ones on top! So in my pic she looks more like wacky mix of Dr.Eggman and Big the Cat; literally WRONG and BLARGH UGLY!

But her design (SHE IS A FRIGGIN' CAT) is really interesting among other characters and as I browsed trough many galleries (regular ones) I see that they put more and more clothes onto those little creatures. Even Amy who first had some head bandana, short dress, shoes and was flashing panties now got some leggins with over knees socks over those, so after 10 years, they finally found out that she got pants all over the places [duh].
Ok, this is badass! o_o
Well ok, they took of Knuckles vest and hat but he represents afro-american/southern-american/puertorican(?) ppl and there is hot or rather they are hot (...gay?), so yeah, go on the Ice Cape, take of your clothes. That's logical, no?
And Knuckles... You lucky dick, you got both Rouge and (another new o me!) Julie-Su chasing your tail! Some echidnas doesn't I don't even...

So yeah, that's how it was today despite being almost hit by some fuckied up blond old hug! YES fucking rage! Some dickheads planted their cars all over the street in a way that walking a street was like entering a maze and in the only spot to dash to another side there was a fucking road. Well, I never...! And that bitch was going like 40 miles when it was are with restrictions of  7 M/H or something and raining so slippery, and here comes the best: that sperm bag which even Dumbo on fucking crack wouldn't want to rape with an iron dildo mounted on a 78ft long stick was giving me a stare fight. Oh you bitch. You fucking bitch.

So basically, that's why I don't like women driving cars - they do plenty of shit, like make-ups, phones, reading floor mat makers logo but not SLOWING DOWN when rain pours and in limited speed area.

Not funky at all.
Ulala is funky and bitchy BUT she doesn't drive a car - she groove with some midget UFO's. And got some legs as well.

Talking bout bitchy ones - today I was thinking about many unimportant shits and one of those were taht each girl I am interested in turns to be fucked up bitch.
Sometimes more of fucked up and sometimes just a bitch but that's could be The Theory of constant bitches and fucked-up girls I approach and am sad about it but that's the life.

...or just fucked up bitches and so.
Well that's sums all or rather none as this post is chaos!


Oh I must say, this is amazing sketch. My sense of perspective is progressively going strait forward.

Oh, and check out this: 


Talking with friends on skype: have you heard about this anime? - me checking - meh, this is recikled series X, Y and Z; -I know but still lulz -Meh...

I am so old .___.

I made this in photoshop. Totally forgot how to CG in it! Colors don't blend on it own, you got one tool with way too many options... ARGH! Paint Tool SAI, I love you forever <3


This time I'll post WHOLE comic story but in Polish only - sorry non-potato ppl.
It's 24 page manga I did during 24h comic-day about which I wrote few words earlier this week.

Polish here:
Komiks jest kontynuacją zeszłorocznego projektu z wakacji.
W pierwszej części tematem były: "Zwierzęta" - mam nadzieję zeskanować druk w weekend może. W tym roku temat to... Dziecko.

Jak wspominałem, postaci i realia były bazowane na mojej poprzedniej wizycie więc poniekąd, sfailowałem na starcie, bo pierwotne założenia projektu to wymyślenie czegoś unikalnie, unikatowo nowego. Oh vel doktor, keine is perfekt, ja? Doh.

Toteż oto moje dziecko, rodzone jakieś 21godzin:

Jeżeli przeczytałeś całość, to umrzesz w ciągu 3 dni, chyba, że komuś zaspamujesz linkiem do tego posta :D


Oh god I so do wanna play League Of Legends... so much. Finished Mirror's Edge again, had only two chapters left... I'll try to get all remaining bags; I missed 7 only.



Night break of Saturday/Sunday I spent on the project 24 with my beloved friends from the Comic Friendship of Gdansk (as we used to call it).
Comic day or 24 hour comic is a challenge made by Scott McCloud in the USA but people all over the world will try and challenge them selves and same was this year in Gdansk.

Creators of the event did their best.
There was catering with great foods and press people from both papers and television too.
People or the artists which took their part also did a great job trying their best and few achieved (I can proudly count myself).

Overall it was great party with terrible jokes but people laughed anyway.

Now what I need is to scan and send my comic and also to make a cover art as well.
I have no idea how! I didn't sleep last night, only few hours after arriving home but watched The Expendables and had great time as well... but really how will I do it? haha

Oh, and good news to me!
There were still some copies of my 24-hour comic from last time (and single copies of other participants) so there's a chance I'll scan and upload it here this week.
And my ebay listings are ok as well.

I want to play some game terribly but I am doing fine (playing triple town madly, it's my substitute now but this game got it limits so it's good to play it while wanting to forget other tittles).