As always, I start to draw when my driver for tablet is dead (after sleep-wake-up).

This is nice one tomorrow after work will finish it/start with more paintingish shizz. Got p-shop so will try to get something out of it.

This is one line drawing.

And this one well... I am always amazed but which things are non important and which can create real uproar withing woman mind. Apparently not being interested in quick corner shopping is bad, sheeesh!

I love drawing fly kickin'/angry girls.

And the song of the day is obviously Inner Mongolian (China) folk, hard/metalcore band, Ego Fall - The Spirit of Mongolia:

And this incredible folk-metalcore group from Korea, Gostwind - Tears in memory:



I am so gonna read it now! (13:26)



Yes that was a good manga. That kind which bursts your inner flame. I needed something like that.
And that dark humor laughing at priests:

To think that I played vevo's Judast Priest playlist before reading, hell of a coincidence?

Ok so to not let my worst turn to dirt time to run run run!
I hope I will not die ahahaha.