Gary, move out!

Ok but for real, I've decided that this year there will be some serious action going on and this blog will turn into iddle pond with rotting old posts without anything new nor interesting happening at all.

At the moment I'm thinking about content for the portfolio but best idea is to make few new things within January and just kick it around next months first week. Basically before Valentines Day (no reason, just a deadline).

I don't have twitter or any other micro-blogging site (I got this fb site though: here).

This blog helped me to survive few bad times, I've built some web confidence and it was fun experience in the end.
It's really fantastic to see first post: http://keik-keik.blogspot.com/2010_11_07_archive.html and it was published in 2010 this sure brings memories back... (the heck?! I still didn't finish this comic ,___,` ?)

Well, I consider this as a farewell to this address and to all of people who dropped here just to read about HenZemi (most popular post, thanks to tits related pictures). Also thanks to Soraka and Spiral Knights Hentai (this still cracks me up).

Good bye and hopefully see you on my next blog: here.