Magic the Gathering Online. Fuck you, no sleeping. Ok to me... Btw I got card worth 14 bucks yaayz :3

#257 | RAcaseal on the way

So I waited long year to actually CONFIRM my order of Eleanor from PSO but the day came true four days ago and now my lil` hunter is on her looong way to me.
It will be my first figure not for trade but for my own pleasure (not counting GASHAPON pool edition Rei which didn't sell about 5 years ago) and I'm seriously excited. It will be last puzzle of the "moving along" life plan.


Also. Yesterday I found more unfinished comic drafts.
For one I reused protagonist from my failed webcomic. I did add few pages in sketch and that's all.
All other projects were dropped and currently am working on 7th page of my secret story.
At the time only goe will have access to sketches and ideas, he will help me with dialogues and, he still doesn't know it, will help me translate it to English and maybe to German? I can only tell, I'm planning to release it here, in Poland but focusing on international readers. Why? -there's league of fellow comic enthusiasts and makers on the polish comic scene and there's limited space for lads like me, which doesn't jeez on everything, that everyone made. Frankly, I can say only few good words about Brzozo, who is really nice guy in real life and Dem who's our polish "Cyanide & Happiness". Ok, Iqorek is also inspiring person with huge success here, in country and abroad.
As for the rest... I got mixed feelings.

And who am I? no one yet.

(this sounds like war declaration, heck, why not?)