And yet it moves or in other words, hi! I am still alive :)

"So tell us keik, what did you do for the past weeks?" -well, I continued working, got myself into some project and such things. Really, nothing serious.

Ok, so what are the plans? I would like to move out but first I should achieve about 1000$ of pocket money "in case of" and about 500$ of  flow money for current expenses. Well, maybe this autumn? Anyways that's some kind of a plan.

As for graphics and drawings recently I post thing onto my facebook wall (u can add me, search for Keik ClanClan) and on my deviantArt account (sun-stars-sea.deviantart.com).

And that's it.
No one ever comment here so I have no idea what eventual readers thinks ;____;

But never the less, I love all the people who drop by and I hope, things will get busier.
Also any day soon my new portfolio should be up ,when/if, I'll should post address here.

And that's all for now :*