This is moral problem for people who jumped from one to another reality.
When I was visiting my auntie in the country, I really loved chickens and turkeys which were there. But I was terrified that those were raised just to be eaten.

I like chickens... and when I'll have a farm, I will face this situation again.
Yeah, did tried vegetarian way - almost fainted after 6 days of this water/veggie diet. I am carnivore and love bacon and, as said, literally - can't function without meat. But it's not like I eat red meat all day long. I try to eat it less then few times a month.

Also would love to eat squid once again.


It looks like my lil Peacea-twan caught something nasty.
Recently She got really moody, especially when talking about music ( M:/ ) drive.

So for the time I fix her, I'll turn PC only for the dead serious stuff. No, porn is not serious at all.
I am not sure how will this affect girls100 but will try my best to keep it flawless (I keep in mind missed Thursdays submission!).

This might came in handy, as I was lazy with upgrading my OS to 64-bit...

As for now, I will convert some of the tracks I need to function, and let the virus search on... while writing this, 5 detections... @_@ PC-twan! gambare!


Today I gonna work a bit on merging my dA, FB, Twitter, FA with this blog.
There will be some necessary work including new logo for blogger, maybe unified icon - still I am missing a mascot :V   can't think about any thing and I don't want to stress it out to make something half assed.

Tomorrow will hit the print depot to see how my works look on paper but that's for tomorrow.

Lot's'a work coming and batteries in my keyboard are dying - - geezus


This is for Saturday!

Crap, I missed one day but I was working on in direct sun:  +45*C can really destroy your day.
But enough with the excuses.

I had rather poor days and my drawings suffered from it much. But it was this projects purpose, to push me a bit so SLAP in da face, man up and go!

Not greatest but fun while doing this.
Fan art for Spiral Knights~

1920 x 1280 wallpaper ready.