I don't feel much like drawing but still from time to time I just grab tablet and spend something like at least 45 minutes a day.

For the past few days my daily routine has been shattered especially when weekend just started. I got my hopes set high again and to be honest as there is so limited quantity of readers here I really do feel lovey-dovey but (this is sad gag for me and great comedy for you) there's no one in my eyesight or grasp or whatever to fall to.

But it looks like more and more things are finally setting and hell, it took even more than 500 days of summer but I was struck by too so yeah, yet another excuse.

Sometimes I wonder if there are random people who drop by and read any of these words? It's not like year or two ago when I was expecting some kind of the bloging fame and such. I am just curious.

Nostalgia really hit hard this season. It's getting harder each and every year as my total missed years are just yelling at me.
It's funny how first, it was great life decision and then, after 3-4 years it looks like the real idiot and stupid was me. (At least I can drink without anyone pointing that out right? "I drink alone" hahaha)

The thing is I just read chapters of 14-sai no ko (fourteen love), really cute and adorable story about two childhood friends who act mature in front of class but are secretly a couple (much like Kare Kano yet it's fresh and must read in my opinion).
So this short manga reminded me about my first love, first kisses and such. It really is old story and gladly I occasionally meet that girl which is adult woman now but yeah... it was funny kids love and it ended in a right way (no hard feelings).
Later I started to attract really strange and unstable girls or some with serious issues or just bitchy ones so yeah, heh, there was some bad luck there for me. And I really am angry at myself I couldn't bring myself to date girl with most beautiful face ever which interested in me but yes, that's me for you and nothing for me in the end hahaha.

So yeah, pro-life-tip: be nice, take his/hers hand, kiss and don't rush "mature" things... sex and such, kids don't understand it anyways, for them it's like masturbate via someones body so don't do drugs and don't do sex, mkeey?

PS: internet prohibition in USA started! It is a very sad thing... Hitler was burning books, USA is cutting DNS`s, IP`s...

It tells that due to some one with copy rights 1 result has had been taken down.


For past few days I'm being fixed on fairies and such creatures.


Wow, they FINALLY cleared messed CSS coding so now tag cloud is displayed properly when running Opera. It only took them 4 years to do so (well for past 4 years using Opera it was messed but before I switched to red-O they might have had it messed already).

I really got bored with drawings easly. I can eagerly start a project and after 4-20 hours just trash it or leave it for "later" which most likely never comes. As I had recently personality tests in Job Center it seems like I am more excited about thinking or inventing an idea compared to actual production or creation of it (that's why some of my works which was temporary postponed are... almost scraped).
Basically it makes my look like easy-bored guy without guts but I always end up summing myself as a same creator type as Leonardo Da Vinci who finished only 8 oil paintings while started more then 30 or 40.

As I know my weakest point in creating I can think of a mechanism to counter this thin "laziness" layer and to tell you the truth, I'm thrilled by the idea of creating psychological or such "thing" to do so. It sounds geeky but for most people it can be named as: working on attitude and measuring will power for the expected effects with limited efforts (or even shorter: how to make things quick and in efficient way).

So for today here half-assed sketch and advise: read josei if shonen is boring.


I didn't do much on tablet recently but quite much via traditional media. This makes me happy as digital art as conceptual medium is great but it's suffers much from being 0`s and 1`s (digital). Traditional art is and always be (better). Because I believe it is too easy to annihilate digital creation.
Myself I did faced very nerve wrecking moment of losing 30GB+ of .psd and other digital files of very digital works. Until there are many copies of raw format (which never happens as quality = money in digital arts) your art is immortal. In other words, it usually takes one hard drive or pen drive to eradicate many hours of hard work while paintings, sculptures and such will most likely live-out fire, bomb attack or other destructive power.
If there's power-out sketch will remain on paper while digital sketch will be lost when RAM loses it power or when temporary file got error due to losing power. Most works are single stored and in fact, digital works are way more fragile.
To point out: at the same time I do detest and adore works made on the digital machines but what mankind did for last 40.000 years survived in wet caves, dry sands or war pledged cities. I doubt that last 10 years of digital creations will remain this long.
Remember Amiga or Commodore? Those had great graphic but after nearly 30 years even 10$ cell phones got better resolution on their display then those great drawings from lat 80`s and early '90`s.
The art made via digital media will be outdated sooner or later while there will be always room for fine arts which are called "fine" with proper reasoning behind.
Unfortunately for over 90 years we are moving farther away from what all could enjoyed.
I'm not saying that Renoir or nowadays digital artists are regular crap. There is always fantastic creators yet I believe that in another 90 years we, as a kind, will still talk about Renoir and doubt that there will be place to discuss works of Udon crew or Elsevilla while there will be talks about MC Escher or HR Giger and their creations.
It's like movies; what we produce now is "Legally Blonde" but we want to tell it's "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" quality because we made billions of creations each day. It might be connected to the critical biological mass that man kind reached, it might be also caused by the longest war-free period in the modern and probably history itself.
Does it mean that we should stop digital arts? No. And it's not possible to cleanse human minds out of it as there is too wide web spreading & inspiring and providing materials (software) to create digital works. And I myself is to criticise as I still create and often enjoy digital arts are those are less involving in space and materials compared to traditional media. I hate myself for the lack of the consequence in my own words but as many times before wrote; as much as I count as a human, I seek the easiest solutions for many problems (in general) and I consider "urge" or "need" of creating as a logical problem with PC with attached tablet as a simplicity of the solution.
Therefor I will still create works digitally and hate them as much as I love them.


Well this is old but if not for the wacky colors, it's great piece.

Black/White version is suppah.


Hahaha, apparently it looks like the teacher (on left) looks like one friend of mine <: D haha, sorry but still, this is epic right? I mean, the dog and the TV and mountains... right?