I will change her face to less realistic, probably, but at the moment it logically ok at a bit hard to tell how it will work when the other one will get skin and own face. As for now this is very well spend 90 minutes here, probably will finish in the next 90 minutes and about an hour for the background.


So it's summer for gakujin (students).
Most people which usually waste time in buildings trying to understand what some other people try to say about certain problems now have time to party and play. And it's not like most people just waste their precious time on Earth, ney. Those people gather knowledge on all levels, from lvl 1 newbs in pre-elementary units, through kids and advanced (lvl 19) high schoolers to post high schoolers and university students (lvl 23 and onwards). Well, some just don't waste time chasing pointless tittles and watch anime whole year and (finally) working their asses (2 hours per day is serious job man!).
For those about to watch anime, I salute you! as there will be yet again ANIME MARATHON AT MAH PLACE!

It's tradition already.
Each year as goe "blesses" us with his (cheese smelling) presence, both of us stay one night from evening to late hours as we watch gems of Japanese pop-culture.

For first year, there was... what was there again? Some Gainax and what? Can't recall.

Last year we watched "Borrowers Arietty" from Studio Ghibli, "Funky Forest, the first contact" and "Chie the Brat", classic from 1981?

This year I'm planning some cyberpunk fiesta, or OVA galore. There's never a plan, like Radio Free Mars, but there will be one Night of the Knights this summer and I wish, this time to get more people.

Anyways that's for now.


Yesterday was tough.
When I was going to work I missed train, my pants tore and had to go back and change it, when coming back to station I was caught by the 5 minute storm so I entered train completely soaked.

Last years Project24 and Project24 Berlin
But from the other hand, I went to the V Bałtycki Festiwal Komiksu - GDAK 2012, exchanged few words with Iqorek, found out that people I used to call friends now pretend they don't see me (oh how sad) and made new friend. Also 4 of us had really nice nerd afternoon and night party. I must point out that Rush whooped my ass in DOA2 which was nice experience as I already achieved everything in this game even with being dethroned by someone new to the game as for now :D

Today I gonna work some, I woke up nearly 7 AM and and still didn't even ate breakfast but I feel it will be creative day today~