Sun killed me today.


So far with this...

...and this. Will have to remodel her a bit ^^;
I plan to add both of these into something that is coming. Yay it's a secret!
And not sure if my project 12 will move but will try! ...wait I got one day ∑ (o _ o  ) crap this might actually not work at all!


Recently my level dropped like that: '     .  (this is diagram).
I tried to do something bit better but honestly I just rushed this and that's why this looks so bad :B

Was done on my stream: http://www.livestream.com/keik
So this is it.
There is some jazz, beer and friends in the city and I'm not feelin' much to make them waiting (still got extra 30 minutes though).

Go look for Banda Metalurgia on YT - decent jazz/bossa formation from Brazil (80`s !)~


Jest prawie 22 i powiem, że nie chce mi się szczególnie myśleć nad czymś...
Recyklingowy post, yaay!

To pierwsza praca od 6 lat, w której użyłem aerografu (tool).
Tło jest zajebiste, zresztą cała praca jest uber. Ale tak, tło. Dobre tło czasem ratuje słabszą pracę i czasem słabe tło, pogrąża dobrą pracę.
Omonomonooo zen.