I just hate when they take a YT clip off just bcoz some company doesn't profit big fat money from it.

Sometimes I feel like it's pointless to show/post/share some clips due this issue. "Have you seen the clip I linked you yesterday? -no, it was impossible to view it in my country" what the?! Broadcast yourself? rather fuck yourself la puta madre :I

For the rest of the post, photos form my last trip to forest - I didn't watch them, maybe I caught a ghost? that  would be nice:
Soon, we will have Starfucks.

Funky Forest.

When you'll see it, you'll shit a brick boy.


New template!

This feature of the dynamic views is cool but will it be annoying? I feel like it will get soon but for now let's just enjoy it, right?

As for drawings and so yesterday I uploaded first page of my League Of Legends fan comic named "Trinity Force". You can check it out here, on smackjeeves. Is it me or does anyone else feel like reading "smackjeeves" as "smackjews"? I know how it looks but I can't get it out of my head <_<