More pixels and thinking.

Currently I'm more into high res for character but it still looks stiff. Maybe after motion it will be better? Might check it later.
Come fuckboys!
Things that annoy me so far in pixel art is how important and ground breaking each point is. Color palettes and how I suck at limiting color usage.
Also, it is very time consuming hobby. I can spend 2 hours doing 32x64 pixel piece! But still, it's very refreshing compared to regular drawings I did, which caused some kind of trauma and redoing all the lines all the time, haha!



This little speaker is great,
outdoor sound system!
Yesterday's picnic on the beach transformed into little campfire party for three.

Looks like spot nearby is both: rich in driftwood, and deserted enough to enjoy simple pleasures of roasted sausages and home made apple wine/cider.

Despite afternoon warmth, evening was rather cold.

Steadily setting sun created gorgeous scenery.
Landscapes filled with reds, yellows and pink sky with tint of darker purple on the horizon reflected in shimmering yet calm sea. Later on, warmth and blaze from fire lit our surroundings while we enjoyed well cooked meal.

Sadly, we lost one brave piece of sausage to the fire... those, who aren't among us anymore probably wanted to share the joy and took their piece themselves ;)

Overall, I can clearly say that the campfire season is finally on and joyous, outdoor nights with friends will be more frequent from now on!

A E S T H E T H I C  V I E W

From this warm evening...

...to this cold dawn.