S4 was quite neat game ages ago. It was like GUNZ but for lifers - you could take week or month brake and still 'feel it' and score good. Sadly, now S4 turned into hackers breeding ground - each room with up to 12 players got AT LEAST 2 hackers in it. But I've been in one sad room where only me and game maker were real players...

So after 2 years of misery it's time to finally say 'good-bye' to my favorite and beloved shooter.

 It's very sad cos it was my first free-to-play game with pay features I paid for some extra items.
But heck, if you can't hold the hackers I don't plan on ruin my nerves on putting like 5 clips into head-shots without effect :I  (hmm... didn't I write something liek this before? = =' )


Last week I downloaded Macross Official Fan-book.
Scans itself are... well, someone did scanned it but 'professional' way. Person which took the effort of scanlation didn't torn the pages and/or did not take any time to post process deformed images on sides but there is still plenty of eye candies.
My attention was caught by some... well... Klan Klein in her 'human' form (small... ok, loli form but heck! 2D!)

She looks so insecure and even more fragile that she usually does @_@
And for the final some music.
This time it's gonna be hard electro from Japan! So if you aren't familiar with umsa umsa beat beat slash splatter zooooozozozoozo music you can omit this part :b

Ladies and gentlemen, Aira Mitsuki:


Golden rule: if you feel the urge to post something new, but there is insufficient "something new", post desktop screen capture and show off your cool icons and neat wallpaper!    
-by keik