I'm angry. Seriously aggravated by the "things".

For example, recently I'm angry what I am listening to. What happened to me? I used to listen to some great music but during last year, my taste gone really bad. And seriously, I am starting to get what was under "Touhou" music page on last.fm about 2 years ago: "I feel sorry for people who listen to this shit". I second that.
And I could copy paste this sentence under so many things so it did hit me hard: what the fuck is wrong with me?

Next thing which made my high-pressured blood to boil was how little but how annoying people I keep to follow/ have as "friends" on various "social" sites and so on thus decided to erase some of those.
For example soccer-succers, rolling trolls, boring attention whores et cetera.
My god, by just deleting some links and cutting loads of annoying spam, my life is at least 6.74% better by what it was.

Furthermore I, me myself, made me super angry at... myself.
By just for once saying in a rough way that I don't want to listen some fucked up stories which are as real and possible, as ninja jumping now from window and fucking you in the ear, I made my friend angry and shit.
By generating more anger within this action, my room looks like a fucking scrapyard today because of "cleaning".
This made me even angrier .

So this is this weeks Saturday thoughts.

Shit happens and nothing will change - and this is what fucks me up to the point of wanting to throw all this fucking shitty "things" away yet, I don't have a fucking idea.
Someone said anger is the only thing which lend people to change. Dear anonymous, you set my fucking hopes high. Shit. Fuck. Bloody hell.

Btw, enjoy this early 80's, strange as hell, German project named Warning.
They remind me by looks of the Daft Punk: