The thing I always wanted to do but there was never anybody with guts or tits to do was a visual blog or collective blog.
You know, the thing where 3 or more people post their drawings and stuff.

I talked about the of this 2 years ago but most hyped was people who would not contribute any art at all and the idea just died lonely in a corner. It's really big shame!

For the inspiration, check out one of my favorite groups of artsy people, http://visublog.mechafetus.com/ so if you are interested and do some drawing and such contact me: cookie.keik (a) gmail.com or skype, twitter whatever else you got.

Here's some Annie sketches:


I don't like how google handles access to accounts to different services.



I will be building up portfolio asap as there is neat job offer hanging there and just waiting for me and will speed up and finish some pictures. Especially "Support", "Rammi" and "Sister" which WIP's were posted here few weeks ago.

Also, I am looking for good and free or super cheap portfolio site/hosting (maybe someone is willing to build me template site or something, huh? anybody? *squeee*)

Anyways, recently I am stalking deviantArt much... I forgot what I supposed to write here = =

 * * *

Can't remember if I've put this here already or not, just a short.
Oh and by the way, Teenn asked and invited me to the cool League of Legends related artsy project. My artistic senses are tingling~ *bdoing*


Meine Damme und Herre, today is official retro day! (yay) for me.
I found some good retro anime openings and so on YT while browsing memes.

First I will show you, my dear readers a clip which in opening already got 'moments' (well known in the genre, spreading in latest productions).


Well, what to say if Misty sings OP & ED (pokémon joke, yeah my bad)

Frankly, I gonna so check it out later some day as it got this so missed by me flow of the older series.

Ok, nect clip will be Hatusmei Boy Kanipan. I don`t know this series and by it looks it`s yet another morning show for kids or rather boys as main duo is boy-genius (?) and his robot but what caught my attention is band behind this song - BAAD. If you want to shout out loud "I love you!" or just watched Slam dunk anime, you already know this group.

Is it me or does the pink-haired girl looks like... Washu Hakubi?

Ok, moving on there will be this clip.
I don't know how many of you ever heard of it as it again is your regular morning show entitled Jiku tantei Genshikun. I watched it on Swiss/German RTL2 and didn't like it at all when it was airing. Song was obviously reworked and in German but as I look at it now there is cool traced choreography and green-hair villain girl is in full S&M latex outfit so me like it nao hahahaha

And the song itself is nice, it sounds like late 90's miss Yoko Oginome but am not 100% sure. 

Medabots is series I reaaaaaly enjoyed much because of the fantastic animation style it had. I have no idea who was key/head animator or chara designer but I loved the show just for the style of animation.

And if I'm already wetting my pants out of excitement, why not remind you this show:

Yes. Oban Star Racers! It got similar animation style but it's obviously much newer and had bigger budget as there was some contribution by Queen of Soundtracks, Yoko Kanno.
Oban SR is interesting from production view as well - it is joint project mixing French story and Japanese animation. Story is nothing new but show is really solid one.

Digimontamers was in my opinion best monster themed series I've event seen.
At the time when watched it, there was fabulous setting and story, great twists in plot and even better characters. I had great crush upon Ruki/Rika and ending was always tearing my heart, oh the cherished memories...

And if it came to this there's last videos I will put here.

Gotta re-watch and re-read this.


Just finished watching micro marathon of Mezzo anime - those 4 episodes were really... well...
Ok again from the point A.

Mezzo Is overall good series with great if not my all time favorite setting: group of people who at some point crossed each others life-path and are now working and living together doing some serious and dangerous businesses because they are hired guns (and fists). JEEEEEEEZ'D MAH PANTSU
Oh my god. This is lovely and fantastic setting! Series like Black Lagoon or Cowboy Bebop are exactly the same oh yes oh yes oh yes.
So! Mezzo is about trio consistent of former police officer, naïve guy who makes androids and kung-fu fan-service girl. There is also side kicking rori, Miura-chan. Oh right names: Suzuki Mikura, the kung-fu chick; Kurokawa  Ken'ichi ex-cop and Harada Tomohisa, the droid guy.

Briefly: this trio is living in a old brittish double-decker bus which is sitting on top of an actual building. How cool is that? Put any machine, bus, plane or another building on top of primary one and it will be cool just like that. Or, equal, make it a dump area adapted for living or old wrecked plane. How cool is that? I tell you! It's 20% cooler~

So yeah, I've had watched 3½ episodes to be exact, as I was finishing second part of episode 5, and I really truly enjoyed the show despite some classic in the genre 'moments'. Particular there always are poor or worse moments made by rushed scenes or comical and fully accidental anatomy (classic: singing Lina and Amelia from Slayers... Slayers Next(?) with their super chibi heads or also from Slayers, strangely angled hand of Lina Inverse in the last seconds of ending). Animation is overall good and the show itself didn't aged that much. Series got 8 years and is still looking fresh but small pieces like memory card in 'T' shape can uncover it BUT I admit, I am sometimes moved by those little things yet sometimes it just blends (MiniDiscs in NGE for example was a bit flashy when I was watching it in early 2000's but now as am dreaming of having one of those sexy MD players, I really watch it with broad smile).

Each episode tells a different story and ends with more or less cheesy ending.
And it's not a bad thing. Hell, no! It's just that sometimes I'm fed with obvious stories and other day am looking for those. Today must be the day when I look for your regular action & tits show and Mezzo DSA (Danger Service Agency) is bulls eye hit. And that double-decker on the building rooftop oh go-o-o-d! So good!

Ah so yeah, to tell y`all I really am back on with the anime and manga & gaming. I really just needed short (about 3-6 week) break and there's still Canadian mate called Scott Pilgrim waiting for me to read all the adventures so this break just did broad my horizons.

That's all for this late hour - Mikura is waiting and I reall y want to finish the series as it got only 13 + prequel OVA made of 2 short episodes... there was manga? Gonna check it later!
Enjoy the OP of the series with great tune by the BARNABYS: