Still not missing drawing in addition, yesterday was seriously fun day with guitar. Obviously I didn't spent all the time on picking the strings.

Got my throat soar and had bit of fewer but funky green pill gave me a kick.
Yet, my throat hurts from excessive singing (yelling).

this post looks plain so I will attach this, to make it look better

Really, this is one of few cool or funny pics from Asian release of LoL - they are waaaaay to serious for this game.


It's been few days now.
I got more time and I feel much more "light" and am a bit more calm. This whole drawing thing was stressing me out to the edge.

I don't feel suited to do anything special, so am not doing anything special, and it's ok.
Obviously, you can rage, argue and be angry, but most of us, earthlings, are plain and common so accepting it only will lift a huge pressure from your chest.
It's not about what you wanna do, it's about what are you doing. Follow it and be happy. Follow it even if that means to make you look plain but do it without any deeper analysis or thinking, do it just like that.
To make it clear - you can't make raw salmon salad with eggs and cucumbers only. You need main ingredient. If you don't have it, don't put random find from frig - it will not magically change into raw salmon salad without raw salmon.