Well that's it. I am about 5 days behind schedule and frankly, atmosphere ain't helping out - even if it's part time job, it can mess a lot.
And I still waste way too much time on computer.

I won't put this project on hiatus but... let's say that for this week and maybe next one too, I won't post on daily routine.
On top of all of this, I just got script for the short comic. It will be collaboration with a full throttle and deadline is in about 18-9 days.

...just say in the comment that I am "fucking lazy ass" or something :I

On the second thought - I quit drawing.
After 12 years of struggling in vain I am fed. I hate it.
I hate it as much as person can hate something.

Right now, I am feeling like kid who was forced to play violin or piano.
I no longer find anything exciting in drawing. I can not any longer force my self to think that I am capable of making any living of drawing. Of course, I did liked it 12 years ago but after three falls I can't stand it any longer.

I am ending this. Am closing period of time filled with many highs and falls. But I am ending it.

Now I will try to free my mind of the remaining toxic of thoughts but fuck the shit, I feel like a heavy stone was removed from my heart.

#151 repost

Ok, this is for blank #151:


Ok, since my tablet is under thick layer of stamps and recently I saw at least thousand great drawings and illustrations, I did myself, tried a bit of ink and pen.

It's not a good paper and I got it bit loose but heck, inking is supah fun!
Yes, I love witches, sabbath and all that occult-theme~
(btw, there's a fan page on FB here)


Ok I am 3 days late now and have no "buts" or excuses for myself.

I was really angry and somewhat sad to lose some of my works yet today I am rather pumped - after some chores I will work hard so please bear with me.

PS: Painting, how could I forgot how to do it? Sad but true... :D


Ok let's say for now this curvy chick will buy me some time...