Old pagan demon Bobo (aka. Bobbol, Buka, Matocha and several more names). His role was to punish witches which used witchery to bring misfortune upon innocent people. To do so, he transformed himself to the goat which scared shit out of the witches.

Hibiki from iDOLM@ASTER! YES! Hentai is healthy - I drew this during long storm now I am a bit too happy (beer inside) to draw despite, I did tried drawing when supah happy and it was fair. But now it's time to enjoy 7th episode. Aye~


I am really sleepy for about 5 hours now but decided not to sleep during the day to avoid being totally woke in the middle of the night.
My not so usual journey trough day was filled with strange guitar playing, walking and listening to the music, to be precise, abusing one track by Wamdue Project. Yes, to those who know, like me, only one song by this man - "King Of My Castle". Basically this song is some fat bass, pumping drums, warped flanger bridge, soem pitch noises, hand clapping and vocals provided by Gaelle Addison; more info on wikipedia.
So yeah, this song is rather iconic for my generation, especially in teh aspect of the upcoming fanaticism pointing modern visual culture of Japan. But to the point.
By the strong memories and urge of something GITS-like I dug. I dug trough web and found some cyberpunkish tittles that by unknown power I have had missed in my life span. Thing like Cyber City Oedo 808 which I even downloaded but couldn't stand the original score... Things like Neo Tokyo (anthology), Silent Moebius, Dead Or Alive trilogy and many books. I am thinking of looking for some classics like "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" also grown a little curiosity 'bout Millers "Ronin" six-piece.

Basically, there is a ton of works I am interested about and on top of that, I did even made my own noise/rural ambience song? -not sure what the genre is but I love how it worked both song music and video, but must re-work it because of the rather low quality.

You can watch it here (well it must process so check back in about 1hrs 40 minutes): http://vimeo.com/27875461


I wanted to post something but the proportions were messed big time :9

It's helluva late gonna meditate a bit and get some wicked dreams.


W odpowiedzi na pytanie z #165 - jedną stronę robię 3-4 godziny, sporadycznie, kilka razy w roku.

And now to the content it self.

I am currently watching "Greatest movie ever sold" about product placement and forced advertising in our life (well, mostly American and excluding Sao Paulo which prohibited any advertising from the urban life).
To not spoil this comedy-document, nowadays brands are only names and I dunno of you people, but I believe only few labels nowadays and compared to my low budget life, I actually don't give a fuck about products at all.
Frugo is the exception as it made huge comeback after years so yeah, taste of the frolic years of the childhood - Frugo (this is private statement and apparently, amazing catch phrase).

If anyone would expect me to say: "I am so fucking busy I had to appoint breathing breaks" it would be a total lie but as well this sounds neat. Recently my spoke words are reaching better levels but my concentration is below lowest bottom.
My mind is constantly under state similar to the one you got when still in bed, not sleeping, not awake yet knowing what to do BUT still closer to dreaming then being awake. In other words I am fucked up and absent minded whole time when awake.
And making anything creative is fucking heavy. FUCKING HEAVY. Yet, picking more and more on my shoulder. Crap me I am dumb.


Yeah, this shit is bananas "don't think and think" and "just keep moving forward" and so on.
Really, "don't leave home without it" and come down.

It is stress.
I build up Gargantua x Godzilla of stress in my mind so the pressure just fucks me back piling more fucking tension. That's why I am so god damned looking forward to the upcoming vacation house drinking party talking in the next week.

After this I'll scan some post stamps and make myself cheese toast on the frying pan - fuck you Gaylmerd Fudd :I