This week my auntie died.

Am dumbfound about this whole situation as she was on drugs in special facility under medical treatment for almost 3 years. On top of that, hers birthday was coming.
My grandma from fathers side was hers closest family and she said it's obviously sad cos she lost only sister she had but under hers conditions it was more of a bliss. For both of them and for our family.
And it's not like we are harsh people - my aunt was taking some serious medicine: painkillers, psychoactive drugs and was chained to the bed because of the probe and other things. Also she lost it ages ago and was nuts in a funny and harmless way. Well almost. She was living by her own in a really big house with no husband or children. Memories must've haunt her and the space also wasn't good for single living person...

Really I don't have idea how to react. She was funny and jolly-silly and created tons of texts and memes in our family circle which still makes us laugh.
This will be missed.


As for more happy news I got two jobs now. One is physical and second one is drawing drawing drawing! I will draw for money this is utterly amazing after answering few phones I got decent job. Lucky me.

Speaking of which, it's good experience because client wants disney-ish drawings and I had to adjust my style.
It's still awkward and am redrawing faces like mad. The blue crayon is fantastic tool! Never tried to do sketch using it and I feel really stupid because it's both new experience and time saving.
It's a bit thrilling to be frank after last years drawing slump and 3rd artist breakdown it's impossible to not be optimistic of what 3 weeks of new year did bring already.

Well don't want to waste your time dear reader and mine as well - gotta draw like there's no tomorrow! (yet I am writing update for my blog oh me... hahaha)

...and my English is unique as always haha!

Very dramatic shot made with my cellphone.
Song for now:
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVA OST - GONTITI feat. Shiina Hekiru; "Tooi Machi" but as I can't find it, it will be Motoi Sakuraba with two track themed with flying, second one is piano only.