So the long awaited update time has come.

Recently I'm playing way too much LoL and even after uninstalling it, I came back to waste more time on it.

As for very regular part of life, my work is boring and not well paid, common thing. I can't tell if it's liking or disliking but well, there's some pressure to leave home (don't leave home without it!).
Oh, but there's this grand bonus! I won some money on the lottery, bought some fancy aftershaving and book for my mum (26th May is Mother's Day in Poland) she was ultra happy about it and that was really nice and made me feel good too.

Coming back to the theme of work, my vocabulary is really thin and I'm stressed about the way I talk with customers so I was looking for some not too thick book to read. Real shocker, I'm looking for book to enrich my speech and selling techniques. Wow. Oh, but my English is still horrible and I love it <3

For something completly different, some drawings:

This was suposed to be hard porn pic but it ended as lovely girl @A@

Flat colors and advanced background.

Finished work.

Also, last night I went to celebrate my prize money with GJ and we made nice wild fire with Krupnik vodka as a toast. Yeah, yeah I know, Polish guys MUST drink vodka... Frankly I prefer vodka over beer or wine recently. Anyways, GJ was demolished by tree trunk and bench near the path in the forest and I was stabbed in leg by dead tree from which we tried to cut huge chunk... Overall it was fantastic sausage party for two.

I think that's all of the worthy topics to update here, it's already 2 in the morning and there's work tomorrow so thanks for dropping by and c'yah~