#251 Nazo no Kanojo X anime

Just finished 1st episode of Mysterious girlfriend X anime and I will praise the studio, animation stuff and voice actors for god tier adaptation.

Years ago goe showed me this strangely drawn manga with guy tasting one girls saliva and that was the moment I fell for it.
Recently I was talking with friends how anime with high school as setting are annoying but this one is so well made (and I'm fan boy of original manga) so I take my words back, just a bit.

Strange, but after watching first episode, images and memories of Earth Girl Arjuna started poping out in my head. Arjuna had huge impact on me and soundtrack from series is in my humble opinion best of Yoko Kanno's works up to day. With all the respect for Cowboy Bebop she wrote much more mature (as an artist) material for Arjuna.
But back to the MGX it got fantastic score as well. Floating between J.A.Seazer score for "Midori" and Joe Hisaishi's music for few Ghibli movies like Sen to Chihiro.
As for animation it's as well, really good. Riichi sensei style is very characteristic and not easy to animate yet producting studio made moving pin-ups of Uechiba Riichi's drawings. And with todays "moments" animation trend this series really stands out.

Even if it was crap I would most likely say at least few good words about it so if you are looking for anime without puke-sweet-fucking lolis but with weird and perverted background this is it.


Brief update:
I was sick last 6 days, felt like old dog poop, didn't draw much but played guitar a lot.

There's an opportunity for me to move to another city to rundown mansion which will most likely be mine sooner or later and I should move there. There's huge garden + smaller which is big enough to build another house. Neighbours are probably fucking rednecks and country bumpkins and such but from the other hand there will be fresh air, will be quiet, I will have to mange a garden, there will be helluva works, sawing and choping wood, there will be at least 20mbit connection... not that this is most important but well, I had once 30 mbit and it was cool.

That might be the shit I was hoping for.