I've started redoing first 3 pages and I know it will end as 5 or 6 instead.
My plan is to link curent world events with the runners idea (from Mirror's Edge not Blade Runner). Yet my focus is set on the main idea I had when it started: love-drama-action.

We are anonymus, from left: Jane, Frank, Scott (upper), Tod (lower), Micha, Dr. Suss and Angela. We're living in Brooklyn, near red building.


There's this little project from goe:

But what I'm really into now is this webcomic-wanna be. It started as personal rant nearly two years ago but it got so much potential so I want to do few more pages.
Well I also said I'll post my LOL-related comic but frankly, since autumn I didn't touch it and as for now I'm too affraid to draw with pencils. But I want to make something out of it as well, argh!
I tend to start off new projects before finishing old ones. My grandpa, dad and well, me, are the same. Oh well, my kid will have it too, haha.


Ok so I didn't wrote here a hit in a long time... Just tried to get to Japanese Closed BETA of Phantasy Star Online 2 but it didn't work BUT I found cool java widget clock and decided to add it somewhere and since bloger is the only thing, and I could use some space to spam with pictures and such, well, hi again! Please take care of me.