Fuck this shit!
My OS died, reinstalled it, I lost saved passwords from my web browser, facebook decided that "fucking broccoli inass" is more real name than my real name actually is so fuck you too facebook.

I hate this fucking shit all fuck mass bananas. Asshole punk monkey groper >:I

#260 | キタ━━━!!!!

Ok, I totally forgot to mention that Elenor Camuel Garage Kit is here!
Box arrived after short time- 6 days from Japan to Poland is super fast delivery <__<` !

The kit is... scary.
Paints aren't cheap and my skills are really bad after decade of non assembling any models but from the other hand, I feel strange confidence about it.

I think next month will spend, instead on MTGO, nice sum on paints, mat, knife/scalpel and little Revel or Matchbox kit model to burst.

Here are some photos of the raw pieces of the Elenor kit:

Also I bought canvas today and am nearly the end after about 60 minutes which shocked me how fast I did it. I'll post it here when finished.

That's all for now, thanks for reading, and I hope I will post "assembling of Elenor ver.APSY kit model" soon!


Really? 11k views on the google count. Well, thanks my secret porn blog did 20k in 3 months but yeah, 11k in 3 years is ok :D
Anyways speedies/sketches:

(It's 6th day since Eleanor left Tokyo, 4 - 24 days to go :I)