People take me way to serious.

And I mean it! It's like automatic troll defense system built-in me. Can't troll cause people think I am dead serious and reverting it looks, like I'm trying to cut from my own words... Can't comment in a way, that looks like being in rage as people will think I only rage on the web.
Heck, each girl say I draw too thin and over-sexy poses! It's not like I expect to meet some one line in drawing in real life!

Maybe I should try and be elected? Or other word oriented job?... PEOPLE I JUST TROLL AND JOKE! ALL THE TIME!!

And later on everyone is shocked how nice in real life I am when I'm always super nice and cool ;___;

Oh, and you know folks why wordpress sucks? Their anti spam filters are over-sensitive. How can one blog be banned 2 times in one hour?! Seriously. If it happens again I'll just stick to blogger!


This time of month huh?

Well from time to time I tent to look for a fight. No matter if it's real or on the web, I just keep searching till get to something and then stress it. It helps me to feel what's important and regenerate anger as it's pure emotion that keeps me steady.

Past few days I spent sick in my room mostly watching movies, playing games and drawing various things.
Things that came to me are listed here:
  • I can draw very well
  • I suck at most games and really can't enjoy them any longer but my inner teenager is trying to force me to play more when in fact, I really want to play basketball (despite my mediocre height and allergies-damaged lungs)
  • I am sexist, don't respect women in a way society ask me to but it doesn't bother me
  • Cat-girls are hot
  • I'm bored with Lemmy-like mustache

  • there is ton of great movies out there and I think that will try again to read some books - most respectable serial killers red hundreds of books. Why not? I think I'll start with some controversial ideology books.

And that's it. Nothing here to see.
Winter please end soon.