Recently my daily routine changed into very annoying, both for me, and few people I'm living with. Well I know the cause of it all and hopefully within a month it will be normal as it was. Well, normal, I am hoping of getting up before 1-3 PM and best would be something around 7-8-9 AM so at least 4 hours daily routine roll-back.

Looks like there will be not that much gaming ha ha ha. But really, I think I got adultery ADHD :o
Also in my ZEN notes there was thought about leaving virtual life way behind awesomeness of real life.
Heck, it gonna be hard but here it goes.

Post this, close browser, turn PC off.


You know it was coming, yes you knew it!
Soraka, Soraka hentai! YEAH mixed Divine and Dryad (hairy goat legs are hard to draw :O)

Just silly sketch for further work.


Did 7th and started 8th page after 9 months. Why? I got great script for a comic for the magazine, need to accomplish it withing next 5 days, why not do something ELSE?  ._.


YES! WUAHAHAHAHA! (Veigar-like laughter)

I found some reeealy important files I was 100% sure went into oblivion!
So slapah I could clapah D;

Also webz died and I broke skype-talk ( skype = spy, ke?) ware sumimasen ,_,

omg I am really happy D;

ᶲὠᶲ also I updated prints sections, stay tuned for upcoming price charts and more works to obtain~