It looks like it's dead but it's a zombie actually.

Right. So there are many stories here, tales to be spoken and layout cleaning yet to be done. I am super lazy and a happy new year~!


So the little collective blog is slowly dying. "I'm so busy, I'll post later" then keeps scrolling tumblrs and soup and such. Really I'm angry again, people left me down again and they suck (again!). But I will keep it rolling even I'll be the only one there.
Moments like this makes me loose faith in people which is stretched and thin now.

And that's how thing are.


More Phantasy Star Online 2!

Ok, so I've got myself an own3D channel right here and will be broadcasting some PSO2 footage every now and then, probably 2-3 times a week, up 4 hours max.

Right now I'm pretty busy so this is the best I can give, also, my broadband could be much better so stream quality is medium.
I'll try to fit a schedule of Monday - Wednesday - Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I doubt it will get much viewers though but I can and feel like doing it so that's how it will be~

That's all for now, stay tuned!

PS: fixed 3 last post, mixed #2XX with #3XX - - 


Recently I was busy with work but now it should be better. The big news is, I've got myself account on beta server of PSO2 which is so god damned great! I played PSO back on the DC console, later was BB on PC so yeah. The game is freaking good and it looks like authors and localization team really are putting their best to score a major success (for which I wish for them!). Also, decided to stream a bit of me newbie solo adventures but livestream doesn't love the game, I will try with own3D (hi) but still got to get my channel validated.

Here's so pictures from my games so far:


Todays gonna be a normal update.

Currently I'm working on my portfolio, I must say, that thanks to Rush I actually got space and he was so kind to make some 1337 work there (last time it was Frulcia but that server is over and I lost somewhere all her work ;___; old template was up for a brief time of only 3-4 weeks).

Yesterday I've re-installed League Of Legends and made an account on, so called, better Europe-West server. Not sure, level 6 or so, but after a normal on my main lvl30 account I actually can see where that's coming from. Also, top solo players on EUW are 2900~ when on EUNE about 2400~.

Since Thursday I'm sick, coughing and sneezing yet still didn't pay a visit to a doctor.
And that's all.


Todays LoL resulted pretty much how I wanted to play and win.
We played, lost almost all games it was funny but meh, he he. Really...
So after 3 hours I took many POINTLESS WHICH BLICH STONE R YUUUUU?! quizes.

Yes yes, I know what you must be thinking but here, come to my place for some fancy-wancy~
 embrace yourself!

Which Highschool Of The Dead Character Are You?Which Highschool Of The Dead Character Are You?

well ok, she was hot :d

What Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?What Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?

LOL! I can live with that :D

What Type Of Music Are You?What Type Of Music Are You?

yeah b'coz KISS is so fucking METAL, they're so pure metal THEY SPARKLE! (not that I don't like them but come on!)

Which Pokemon Villain Are You?Which Pokemon Villain Are You?

pokemon test! I have no idea what I just did

What Is Your Level Of Randomness?What Is Your Level Of Randomness?


What Role Do You Play In An Anime?What Role Do You Play In An Anime?

this one was mediocre

What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?

That was obvious! ...grind grind grind

RPG Stereotypes: Who Needs Em? YOU DO!RPG Stereotypes: Who Needs Em? YOU DO!

I liek this tset

What Samurai Champloo Character Are You?What Samurai Champloo Character Are You?

O: *shock* ...reeeeaaaalyyy?

What Lucky Star Character Are You?What Lucky Star Character Are You?


Which Chobits Character Are You?Which Chobits Character Are You?



Redone #19 from girls hundred.

I broke my coloring method a bit so this is groundbreaking work :H


And yet it moves or in other words, hi! I am still alive :)

"So tell us keik, what did you do for the past weeks?" -well, I continued working, got myself into some project and such things. Really, nothing serious.

Ok, so what are the plans? I would like to move out but first I should achieve about 1000$ of pocket money "in case of" and about 500$ of  flow money for current expenses. Well, maybe this autumn? Anyways that's some kind of a plan.

As for graphics and drawings recently I post thing onto my facebook wall (u can add me, search for Keik ClanClan) and on my deviantArt account (sun-stars-sea.deviantart.com).

And that's it.
No one ever comment here so I have no idea what eventual readers thinks ;____;

But never the less, I love all the people who drop by and I hope, things will get busier.
Also any day soon my new portfolio should be up ,when/if, I'll should post address here.

And that's all for now :*


This cat was shaved like puddle and demanded petting.

Angels portal: tap, add 1 white mana and additional 1 white mana for each angel under your control.

Totally GAINAX, will draw some evangelion later.


Qwarc the easy rider.

Cheap, Chinese replica of keik.

Yo dawg, I'm 13 and so artistic I shit red bricks with hands and faces!