It's already two hundred twenty second post here.
Keik speaking, hi to all of you people.

It's christmas holidays coming. Can't help it but all I am thinking is how fast this past year concluded (almost). There's only two weeks left of this year, wow.
Christmas ain't my thing, I am not religious or family man. I find this whole sales and rush rather annoying but angels are ok. Just finished Sora no Otoshimono and can't wait next chapter...
Anyways, it's almost time for another Beership of fellow comic enthusiasts and I want to shave before leaving.

I also started to take notes when I draw or play to find my rhythm and figure out key days of creation and worst days as well - can someone write me advanced calendar? haha
Castlevania OST ftw ~yeah



It's in Polish and I will rant there why there are so many medium... why, well... I will rant there as well.
There will be some some texts and guides and such, just a J-pop-cluture blend but in Polish so most people who visits here will not understand a word muahaha pitiful people who doesn't understand one of most hard to learn languages.

Different from that, there is still no snow! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!1!!!one!!!!!1111

Hopefully Cirno will miss this town this season - FROGS ARE IN ANOTHER CASTLE CIRNO! GO INTO ANOTHER CASTLE! YESH!

And that how things are recently.
So visit: http://nyancon.blogspot.com/ if you know what rabarbar bez ości means (or if you can read it and get the joke, but if you don;t get it you can still go and pay the visit, really, you tried).

Oh god Sora no Otoshimono is THE thing! This manga and anime is really fit. Yeah.


Recently I post way too much on the blog... but from other hand I can really tell I do this diary almost daily so that's ok?

ps: urgh, they should fix tags itself in the blogger platform...