Omnipotent God of all... they did it.

Each site is getting fucked up. I don't get it?! Wordpress, Tumblr and Blogger are all "new and more intuitive" so in other words those are not working, hard to use and annoying. And it wasn't even topic for the post.
I'm so aggravated.

Sigh, alright.
Actually it's funny how I rage mostly and people still read it YES LAUGH AT ME I AM YOUR CLOWN! not, but I feel like it soemtimes BUT to the main core of the purpose I even opened firefox, cause script is fucked and newer blogger doesn't work under Opera is that I got more-or-less stable job! yay
I'm selling shit I have no idea about! :D digital cameras "oh yes, this one got nice bright modules, ah yes made in Japan, naysu desu hai kokori ni wakarambo desu" and stuff like that (by the way, I was sitting next to some late high school or young student girl who was studying Japanese in a way most people would call:"LOOK BITCH THIS IS MY JAPANESE NOTES FOR FUCKS SAKE IT'S MINE NOTES!").
And it's funny how people have no idea what they want and that: good = higher price.
I understand that most people are not carrying bags of money but don't expect to get powerfull camery by less then 300$ and yeah, that 1500$ camera IS professional.

Aside from the stupidity of my nation, it's good to feel pressure which ensures you must be nice, clean and shaved. That you must talk with different people and other so called social mesures to be a part of the society. It's not like it's fun but it works nicely on my psyche and mental parts.

Also it's another time when I'm fed with League of Legends. Recently I'm playing like total idiot and if not for myself I should restrain from ruining other people fun. It's not cool to force anything.

Yeah I think this concludes my thoughts about time since my last post here. I am really happy that my visit counter has not dropped to 0. I'm also hopping that there's far less idiotic spelling and generic-foreigner-who-speaks-English mistakes this time.
Ah, and one thing, I didn't really draw anything lately so please slap me.