Found some old drawing renders here and there (while looking for psx2 bios).

I recall listening to Kabuki Rocks when doing this but can't find psd or sai raw of this :I

OMG I got tons of interesting photos and pictures in this folder! lookee:

  And even MOAR even soem ecchi :3 RORI AYE SEY!

Yes, this is enough for todays archeology.
Heat wave is mighty and I'm kinda stuck with script.


Day two fighting with viruses.

Well I was a stupid and greedy idiot and tried my luck with mining BitCoins what it turned out is that gui miner tool I downloaded was filled with trojan downloader (for sure) and (probably) used to compute some possibly EVIL things. Well... my dream of becoming cracker just came to life tehehe... I am hoping that some sad men in rain coats will not come for me <_<
Anyways at all cost AVOID GUI BITCOIN MINERS. Just saying.

From the other hand I am getting old. Seriously, my fathernal instincts are bursting = =  It's not like I want to find out that I am actually a father of some little kid, but more and more, moe thing is giving me that "wrong" feeling.
I mean, it's not like shame but... it's like growing up? Seems like my Peter Pan Express finally found station at which will stop, do you get it? Maybe I will really be a grown up soon? hahaha
It's also annoying at watching porn these days - you get some old women or little teen girls and nothing you can call a normal young and healthy girl or rather woman. I summed it some time ago that the internet has border in the term of porn and the hentai doujins are almost always focusing on exploiting characters from shonen or generally, characters which aren't legit in the light of the law.
Recalling bad experience, I did fetch some Yotsuba& ero doujin featuring Fuuka and that was really sickening.
One thing is to write and draw a comic where father rapes own daughter and she all in all accepts it, and the second thing is to actually enjoy this shit.
When I finished reading it, I was like "I just destroyed some part of my own sanity, this will be burden for the rest of my life" and yes it is. I am sad that my curiosity thrown me to red that. Like in the saying -'curiosity killed cat'.

Coming back to the topic of moe and manga - as far as I enjoy both drawing and reading erotic tittles I am concerned what is attracting people to read what.
There was one story about some incest action between a mother and a daughter and... a dog. And people must have read it and enjoyed it since the author did more of that shit. Same goes for a French (?) B.D. serial rapist enjoying young boys - I understand the fact to point this topic yet WHY would some one want to draw and read something like that?
As far I go with asking myself the more I refuse to accept it as a total. Yet I did posted last a hentai work showing some of it... It is really strange and makes me feel confused.
From one point it's just a drawing and from other in some countries you can get a jail for those, and in other, a 46 y/o guy can get a bride of 12.

Seriously, the World left me in despair, and what's more, I have no idea what to do - it's really fun to draw hentai yet there is so limited area of adult heroins with proper appeal. Otakus, grow up already! haha

Well, I will leave you with some REALIMOB (REal LIfe MOe Blob) clip of... dunno, unit? or incarnation of few girls from the AKB48 - quick recall - this reminds me when at one convention I walked into undergrounds and there were that real time otaku - he had his PC set, was watching some idol clips on TV, was playing mmo? while other guy was playing DDR/Stepmania, and had his linux theme all filled with (ero ?) moes - that was my moment of life. He even told me not to touch "Asuka" - his PC's was named that and had huge Linux Tux penguin sticker on a side. That was strange shit, I actually might use this in a one story... Well, enjoy the choreography in this supah sweet cover of the old hit:

I really love the bass fillings in this and, well, can't refuse the ZETTAI RYOUIKI... OTL it's really all fault of watching iDOLM@STER --- or maybe I am just refusing to accept myself, just like Madarame said?
life is confusing orz