For fuck sake.

Had to reinstall system AGAIN.
Lost at least all last week works, and maybe even some more... I am really dumb and stupid - how could I left some important files on the desktop? HOW?

I also lost all Opera configurations, even though, Opera was one of the very first softwares to include and use the cloud system. Fuck me silly. I am really aggravated.

At the moment I am writing all important sites into my Opera again, and I gonna setup myOpera account and cloud to prevent this shit to happen again. EVER.

So much rage, so many caps-locked letter here today but seriously.
Argh... I am totally not in the mood to draw. So todays drawing will be postponed.

WTF keik, seriously? = = meh.


A turtle named Polipropylen - Haters gonna hate.


Crap no idea what to...

...this might be actually best woman ever!


Just finished Hensemi and I'm a little disappointed.
Basically series focus about perversion which is covered with everything (already running into conclusions) and shows a small group of students doing some twisted researches for their monster-faced teacher.

What I was expecting from series from both setting and design to be more light.
To tell: I enjoyed it to the very last episode but it was like drinking teas with 6 spoons of sugar instead of eating anything meant to be sweat.
And I also wanted some better pairing. Really.
And Anna left me in despair!

In the end, I can tell that Hentai Seminar is just slightly better then Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt which I detest.

That's a shame imo but oh well, it's not like it's 90`s anymore.


No idea what to write here today.
Her lips are fantastic.

#145 +

This is for delayed... friday? From two weeks ago.

Giant robo mecha ordered by woman, magic... witch... which controls...  = _ =

I read today some essays and texts about evolution or changes in anime design and frankly if they could preserve early 90`s flow it would be super win.
With all my love and respect for GAINAX and so on, I hate some of the half or even quarter assed scenes they did, for example in some FLCL scenes. But this aside.

Animation in Japan is facing some troubles with it market itself.
There are tons of shows which are addressed to crazy otaku which will just watch anything with moe blobbish characters. And brutal + sex themed series witch, at some point, are somewhat better, but personally, instead of shocking pile of crap, I would like to be shocked by the extra twist of the very deep story. Or at least, be served with a story you could dive in.

I better end this, it's late, loosing my topic while writing and sleepy as well.