Ho crap, 200th blog entry!

Not a celebration but... thanks a bunch people who follow and did follow it. Having any followers when writing shit worth content is touching *ou the pain!* but enough of this!

What was that I wanted to write about? = =

ugh, enjoy this strange guy with his dick wiggling so jolly:

This picture is called "surprise butt secs" guess why? yes he gonna get raped tonight! (but not by me, you will do it and enjoy and how!)...


Huergh, I really feel down today, but as my dad said: "we must grab this dick called 'life' by head, laugh at him, punch him, fuck him and then tell him to pay-up" <_< well pops... not sure if this allegory is best but we did shit pants from laughter.

Also played few riffs from 'Painkiller' by Judas Priest and half-a-quoter solo from 'X' by X Japan so yeah that made it some how.

Yeah, yesterday found Akira Takasaki again, like 5 years ago and today hide. Damn I missed those guys a lot!

Elyse (エリス Erisu) from オレたま
(Ore Tama) "My balls" manga

Oh Erisu-chan... if I could only feel the magic... (Pony insider)


45 minutes quick-one. Yes, it must be autumn so fox and... a hedgehog maybe? = w =


God, I so much love to start post with phrases such as "So" or... "So!" :D But seriously community, theres something about shouting with confidence.

Recently each and every game I play in LoL, I suck terribly, and to be honest, I am just bored with game. I played more than 1400 games total on my all accounts (my NA alias was recently pruned) and with confidence and overall gamer experience fault lies beneath Riot's side.

Each competitive game which has huge fanbase or is respected or both and extra, got achievements, clans and good lore.
League of legend have good lore and that's all.

In the nearest future there will be FINALLY clan support so me and my friend jizzed about 2 pools of gamers orgasmatic jizz (almost literally, I had to pee of excitement).
There is "Achievement" tab which, as I know, was there since first non-beta patch.

Also there is real legion of players willing to play even more since top gaming events says that main screens will show, CS, WoW, SC2 and LoL. Prizes are high, there is growing amount of good teams, there's even growing numbers of sponsors willing to support gaming in ass-with-tech-gaming-countries like Poland or Romania so there must be something in the air.

Heck there's even third party LoLRecorder utility to actually RECORD games so you can send it and share with people how fucking awesome was enemy team and how noobish mistakes.... erm, how great your all random pub game team was!

So yeah, with closing to hundred friend-list and always glowing gold exclamation mark with invites to game communicates I am kinda fed with the games itself.
I am overall fed with playing games, even grinding my Final Fantasy hero team on cellphone gone into void as I deleted some time ago save which I started back in January (+150 hours of game recorded on save).
I don't feel that dedicated because, as most things, games started to be boring as hell. I don't feel creative playing those and frankly, there are so many good gamers but fucktards when it comes to communicate:" O GEEZUS I got new skin, I got new champion, I am pro at solo/jungle/dual/AP/AD/tank/carry - supports? - nah, but I could do it better then you!" FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

And it doesn't matter if those are Polish, Russian, Serbian or whatever else is on EUNE servers, I just got fed with those people.
I really miss older community when servers were pan-european and all raged about French. I miss French players, really do.

There's something that went from "gonna spend my last money on lol skins!" to "meh riot sucks me gonna play game 4 free but FU will not pay for none!"
Did the community grew to big?
Or maybe, there's tons of changes but nothing we actually want? Where are Magma chambers? Where's the graphics improvements we all talked so much about? Why flash is still not working properly and why guides on solomid and mobafire are more and more worth shit?

Something is not right but I can't name it properly, I can touch it but can't grab it and take direct look into it.
But clan support is coming, and I feel like, once again, to play Annie the Dark Child with basic skin, with some crazy japanese techno for the background music and to try score 20 stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer before 15th level in game.
So same as giving three second chances to S4 shooter, will try to play relaxed for fun games...
Smurf account, it will get blazin'!

"You smell like... burning! Muahaha!"