I should make gif out of it later.
Ugh, the tooth is killing me recently, as a god charm form myself and new years visit I draw this because it's dangerous without it outside


Another update. Me thinking that to make a little break from this piece will grab one of started pieces next.

By the way as the new year's coming, ever wanted to try allnighter and first rays on new year's Sun glazing with some decent music or even without any audio and some alcohol. Not sure about allnighter but second part is a must!


Steps of progression in this one.
It's good that matryoshka-geisha transformed into something YMO related = w =


I must drink more often, more and more.
Anyways, this is header for my portfolio. Very, very, very RAW version to say the obvious.
I LOVE Miku in Vegetable Juice clip D;


It's after Xmas and I think biggest surprise is confirmed Mysterious Girlfriend X anime, a few day old news I found on my RSS.

What will be Urabe's voice? will it be made by MADHOUSE, same studio that did Richii's Yume Tsukai?
Uhh, the excitement!