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So let's start over, yet another time.

After using facebook for few years now I'm totally fed up with it.
I found myself in a situation where not only had heavy filtering of the content, but I'd rather unsubscribe from most of the people on my "friend" list. So what's the point anyways? Thus I'm done with it.
First thing that hit me was that a really heavy load came off from me. For no real reason, but it made me feel easy.
Secondly reclaimed a lot of time. Really.
That one (few, or more) hours really changes day.

It encourages me that my friend did the same recently for quite same reasons and now I'm trying to persuade another to do the same. Sure, it's not an easy thing when you got so many real friends actually connected to it but on the other hand, real friends can always call or write you (and there are plenty of alternative ways to communicate too).

Since last early 2016 I've been using Slack and recently joined few communities on Discord (add me@ keik#3319 :P) so there's plenty of people to talk with.
So yes, basically this will be my void to share thoughts, rants and other things. Despite having probably 0 followers now since most people left blogging in the dark, this is one place I am always coming back and forth.

That said... what's more I might share here?

Well, long story short got accepted to fine art academy and finally dropped out after 3 years. Partially wasted and partially very important years... Hadn't wrote about it already? Anyways!

Bough Aseprite, very useful tool for pixel art, sprite and animation and joined pixel art oriented community. Boy, those people are strict! But maybe that's why there's "meme and shitposting" separate channel and is almost deserted?  And most people are either total rookies or veterans in the game-dev and industry with most on the latter side. You really feel respect when you see all those amazing artworks, especially when it's animated with multiple objects. I'm totally in awe for those and it's real hobby for me now. A hobby which I was lacking for a seriously long time.

And now excuse me, I got zootopia themed pixel daily challenge to be done!

Simple flower I did yesterday.

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